Jack Rosenstein,
Jack Rosenstein

Who Am I?

I’m Jack Rosenstein, fondly known among fellow bird watchers as “The Avian Aficionado.” After retiring from a demanding 35-year corporate career, I stumbled upon a new hobby, bird watching, which soon became a consuming passion and ultimately, an influential blog.

My journey into this fascinating world began with a longing to reconnect with nature and a curiosity about the avian species. The complexity and beauty I discovered through my binoculars soon turned my casual interest into an intense pursuit. This led to the creation of my blog, “Feathered Friends,” which has now evolved into a haven for both budding bird watchers and experienced ornithologists.

In the past decade, I’ve been able to transform “Feathered Friends” into an inclusive platform. I’ve always believed in making bird watching accessible for everyone, regardless of their prior experience or knowledge. Through my blog, I share intricate observations, beautiful photographs, and valuable insights to help anyone appreciate the wonders of our feathered friends.

Throughout this journey, I’ve traversed different states and countries, documenting over 800 bird species. From the elusive Kirtland’s Warbler in Michigan to the vibrant toucans of Costa Rica, each sighting has been an adventure worth chronicling and sharing.

But I’m more than just a bird watcher. I’m an advocate for bird conservation and a mentor to many newcomers in the field. I’ve been using my blog as a platform to raise awareness about the threats faced by bird populations and promoting responsible bird watching habits.

As I celebrate a decade of bird watching, I’m still just as captivated and dedicated to this pursuit as I was at the beginning. My aim continues to be inspiring, educating, and sharing my profound love for the avian world with as many people as I can reach.